About Us

At Proxy King, we are dedicated to crafting top-tier custom MTG proxies that boast unparalleled quality and a realistic appearance. Our ultimate mission is to ensure that the magic of the game becomes accessible to every enthusiast.

A proxy, in its essence, serves as a substitute for an official MtG card or token. When engaged in the thrilling realm of Magic, players resort to various proxy methods – from hand-writing the card details on paper and slipping it into a sleeve to writing the card’s name on a spare card’s back, or even printing out the required card. The latter option holds immense significance in the world of MtG.

While printed proxies can be homemade renditions, players often strive to make them appear more authentic. An MTG proxy may be a crafted version of an elusive card that remains beyond the player’s grasp.

Though proxy cards are not permitted in sanctioned MtG events, they shine in other captivating spheres like commander play, tabletop sessions, and casual gatherings.

No matter where you are in the world, we ship our quality products globally from the United States. For wholesale orders, feel free to contact us. Rest assured, our commitment to excellence drives us to utilize only the finest materials in creating these exceptional proxies. Join us in experiencing the enchantment of Magic without limitations – let’s embark on this thrilling journey together!