What is so great about your MtG proxy cards?

We are known for having the highest quality Magic: the Gathering proxy cards in the market. Our proxy cards are suitable for casual games, or FNM. Use them in sanctioned tournaments at your own risk. 

Our cards use state of the art printing and production. Our cards are realistic, and have the same dimensions as a typical Magic Card. 

Note that we do have some variation in color between print runs. To the vast majority of people this won’t be noticeable. However, we do recommend sleeving your proxy cards when they are in play.

What is Special about Proxy King cards?

We wrote an in-depth blog post that explains why our proxy cards are the best.

The takeaway is that we are the original proxy maker. And, we strive to make the highest quality and most realistic proxies on the market.

We work with the best commercial printers in the world. No joke, our printing partner’s printing press is an 8-figure machine that is one of only six in the world. We also have an incredible design team working to ensure we get the details of our custom proxy cards precisely correct. From the print quality to the weight and dimensions of the card, we strive to be the best proxy maker out there.

Some other companies out there use cheap square stickers that they put on their cards. We don’t do that, we only print directly to high quality card stock. We only use or order vinyl stickers for our packaging and labels, not our proxies.

Does that mean you should try to pass them off as original? Of course not. But we engineer our proxies so that when you are playing FNM or kitchen table magic, people won’t notice.

We also have excellent prices. We print our proxies at scale, allowing us to price our cards at an affordable price.

Finally, our customer service is the best. Our team responds to messages daily, and we try to give you a great buying experience.